What to Consider When Choosing A Bug Out Bag


Camping and hiking is a lot of fun. It is advisable that you don’t carry so much when you go camping because the luggage will be too much for you. The more you carry, the heavier you will be while hiking. Most of the time, you hike with all your belongings because you camp as you move. It is best to have a backpack to carry everything in so that you don’t have more than one luggage. A bug out bag makes everything that much easier because if you pack it well, your luggage will not be such a burden. The following tips will help you in choosing the best bug out bag. You may also want to consider Alternative Energy sources for your light and body as well.

There is nothing as special as a bug out bag with many pockets. Those extra little pockets make a whole lot of a difference because of how much space they add to the bag. These pockets make it easy for you to pack your backpack because you can keep those things you need close to you. You will need your water bottle close because you need the hydration while hiking. Your flashlight should also not be hidden in the bag, you should be able to stretch and get to it very easily.

The bug out bag should also be comfortable even when full. Consider how it feels on your shoulders and how it will feel when you have had it on your back almost the whole day. If there is anything that doesn’t feel right, make sure that you sort it out. These need to be identified in Camping and Shelter prepration.

The straps should be wide to increase the surface area so that it doesn’t have too much pressure on your shoulders. Narrow straps will be kind of digging into your shoulders making it very uncomfortable. It is also better to get straps that are padded to decrease the pressure on your shoulders.

When choosing bug out backpack, it is crucial to note their price. The price has an element of change meaning that it is not the same from one store to another. This brings about competition. Competition is a healthy element as it encourages stability of price. When the price is different, you should be able to acquire the bug out backpack at a fair rate since one store might be selling at cheaper rate than others. In that event, make a contrast between different stores. After comparing, you shall be able to set your eyes on a store that has your desired bug out backpack at a low cost price. Along with a good bug out bag, you’ll also find food preservation tips helpful, like in this video: https://youtu.be/rqIa7SBeTPU