Food Preservation Tips for a Preparedness Plan


Food is so important for survival. We can hardly spend a few weeks without proper meals, therefore, we must have plans for ensuring constant supply at all times. In most cases, most foods are highly perishable. Fresh supplies are never guaranteed as there are times when production can be low. That said, preservation is essential to avoid feeling the impact or the fluctuations whenever production is low. Moreover, when food production exceeds the demand, perishable foods are preserved to be used when the supply is low. These days, preservation modes are more modern, therefore, they guarantee a longer lifespan for food before it gets bad. This can be very useful for Disaster Prepping.

The basic idea behind food preservation methods is to kill all the bacteria. Also, preservation is enhanced by processes that help in slowing down all the activities of bacteria that are known to cause diseases. That said, there are numerous methods of food preservation that presently used. Some are suitable for general usage by anyone at home, while others require specialized tools that are used in industries. Most common techniques for use at home involve temperature variations such as refrigeration and freezing. Companies use their machines to preserve via methods such as canning, dehydration, and carbonation. Proper food preservation can be key to Wilderness Survival.

When food production and preservation is meant to be for a preparedness plan or survival, there are a lot of techniques that can be used. Everyone must have sufficient food supply as well as emergency water since the stores could be closed and taps could not be having running water. When the issue is about emergency water, one can store some at home, but a long-term plan involves creating water harvesting methods and purchasing large storage containers. All in all, you will require having a suitable method of filtering to avoid contamination. Here are some food preservation tips you’ll want to follow:

If you are planning for a post-event situation, you have to keep your family well fed. Although preservation is a perfect way to face the situation, you must ensure that the types of food you preserve can last a long period. Certain foods can be easily preserved while others will last a few weeks only even with the best preservation methods. The selected do it yourself (DIY) survival action plan should be smooth and must not require specialized training or tools. For instance, drying and salting are guaranteed methods of food preservation to prevent going hungry when a disaster strikes. Such tips can also be used during wilderness survival assuming you are headed for camping or other fun activities.


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